prayer beads

I chose the name Peaceful Pebbles 10 years ago when I began making prayer beads. I had made and used my own beads and wanted to reach out to others through the practice I found meaningful. I designed these prayer beads to give my friends and patients as a tangible reminder of my prayers for them, to introduce conversations about prayer with confirmation classes, as devotions for women’s groups, and workshops about spiritual practices. The beads are small enough to go in a pocket. Many folks keep them on dashboard or nightstand. I include my thoughts on the design with the beads. ©2004 Design by Judy K Brandon

May these beads help you to focus prayer:
Round bead for the world and its people,
Leaf for gifts of nature,
Circle for wholeness of body, mind and spirit,
Star for the people you hold dear,
Teardrop for your own special prayer concerns.