prayer for Lent

The season of Lent begins Wednesday, February 10. It is a time to pray and reflect, to forego some of our extravagances; a time to learn simplicity; to practice gratitude by living in just relationships with all beings. In this newsletter you will find a calendar that offers ideas for living into these practices.

In successive weeks of the Lenten journey you are invited to choose yourself, someone you know, the earth, or God as the focus of your week’s Lenten activities. The church has long encouraged three aspects to this journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and tending relationships. Those are the act of prayer, the act of giving of self, and the act of fasting or restraint.

I invite you to choose one day each week to reflect on your life and relationships with the suggested recipient of your caring. Devote a bit of time this day for a prayer, an act of giving, or an act of giving up (restraint) in your relationship with that recipient.

You may want to make a copy of the calendar. Use it as a diary for your journey through this season of Lent. Write on it what you have chosen to do or forego, how you have been in prayer for the person or some aspect of your relationship.

Try for a minimum of the three days. As you become more comfortable with this discipline you may want to extend the practice to other days of the week as well.

As we come to Easter consider how have you been blessed by trusting in God to walk beside you. Think about how you might share what this journey meant to you as it proceeds and when we come to Easter and the days beyond.

I offer my prayers for Lenten blessings, learning, and peace for your journey.

2016.2 Calendar for Lent