St John Garden

Creator God, we come to you in gratitude for the gifts of this earth.

From the beginning of time this ground has been sacred;
shaped by your hands,
sculpted by your breath,
watered by summer rain and winter snow,
enriched by elements and multitudes of creatures,
it is holy in your sight.

We come, O God, this day remembering those
who have walked upon this land in every age, caring for it.

For native peoples
who honored the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky,
as Giver of all, respecting earth as communal inheritance.
who trod this land mindful of the seasons of the grassland prairie,
staying for a time and living lightly in this place,
generously sharing with plant and animal species alike.

For our forebears who found this fertile ground a place to call home
tilling the rich soil to feed the hungry near and far,
terracing fields to preserve their future use,
planting trees to endure for generations.

Grant, O God, that we also may be faithful to your call
to care for all creation.
Teach us so to guard and nurture this space
that our children and our children’s children
may know the joy of working the earth,
the mystery of life that springs from it,
the feast for the senses; sight, smell, and taste,
nourishment for body and soul from an abundant harvest.

Bless our gardens and fields as we rededicate them to you.
Bless those who till, plant, weed, and harvest
that rejoicing in your care for us we respond to your call
to tend the earth and our fellow beings. Amen.