I began writing a prayer of illumination each week beginning January 2018.

2018.1.7 – O God of Truth, shine the light of Bethlehem on us. As we listen to the story of the wise ones who came to visit the newborn Christ Child, may our hearts too be filled with wonder and awe. As they were guided by angels, teach us, also, always to listen for your voice. Amen.

2018.1.14 – Holy God, as we listen to the story of people of faith in ancient days open our hearts and minds to understand the truths contained therein. Once again send your Spirit so that, hearing your words calling out to your beloved, we may be inspired to works of love and justice in your name. Amen.

2018.1.21 – Holy One, We long to know your truth. Prepare our hearts to hear your Word and give us understanding. As we listen to the stories of your ancient people may we be inspired to share our stories of your presence day by day. Amen.

2018.1.28 – Holy One, our Great Physician, we long to feel your healing presence. Open our hearts as we hear once again the words of scripture that we might feel your Spirit stirring in us, inspiring us to bring your hope and healing to the world. Amen.

2108.2.4 – O Christ, the Bread of Life, we hunger for your presence in word and sacrament. Come to us now in the reading of scripture that we may learn to follow in your way of truth. Amen.

2018.2.11 – Transfiguration – Light of the World, open our hearts to let the light of your truth shine in them as we draw near to hear the story of your vision and ministry. Then send us forth enlightened and empowered to witness to your presence in our lives. Amen.

2018.2.18 – God of our Salvation, your bow in the clouds proclaims your covenant with every living creature. Teach us your paths and lead us in your truth, that by your Holy Spirit, we may remember our baptismal vows and be keepers of your trust with earth and its inhabitants. Amen.

2018.2.25 – Holy One, We are full of doubt and need to hear the testimony of our ancestors in the faith. Open our hearts to hear their truth so that we may be filled with courage to spread the good news of your love and forgiveness. Amen.

2018.3.4 – Loving God, we long to hear a word from you. Come to us now in the words of those who long ago sought to do your will. Speak to us through their voices that we may be inspired to follow in Jesus’ way of love for all. Amen.

2018.3.11 – Nurturing God, we come hungering for your word. Feed our spirits on our Lenten journey that we may go forth in courage to witness to your truth. Amen.

2018.3.18 – Gentle Savior, we come again to hear the story of your great love for us. Grant that we listen with open hearts so we may be filled with joy for service in your name. Amen.

2018.4.1 – Easter – Holy One, It has been whispered among the people that there is amazing news. We come to hear a word of hope, longing for possibility of rebirth. Speak to our listening hearts that we may joyfully carry your Good News into the world. Amen.

2018.4.8 – Faithful One, We come today, some full of wonder, some lost in doubt, longing to feel your presence revealed in the words of our ancient stories. Speak to us now, reveal yourself, fill our hearts with joy to spread your message of love. Amen.

2018.4.15 – Gentle Savior, We come listening for a word of hope, longing to feel your presence. Speak to us through psalmists and apostles that we may know your truth using as a guide for living every day. Amen.

2018.4.22 – Creator God, we come to you having heard creation groaning in travail. Speak to us through your holy word that with insight and compassion we may care for all creation. Amen.

2018.4.29 – Living Savior, draw us closer to you in the reading of your word. Nurture us with the essence of life that our passion for your message of hope will be seen in renewed and renewing witness to your love for all people. Amen.

2018.5.13 – Risen Jesus, on this day of waiting, we long once again to see your face, to hear your truths. Speak to us in the words of the ancient story that through our lives we may witness to the hope and peace you would have us share. Amen.

2018.5.20 Holy One, come to us in the reading of your Word. Open us to the Spirit’s presence in our hearts so that our lives may be a vessel for your truth bringing hope to the world. Amen.

2018.5.27 Holy God, you are spirit, truth and love. We long to feel your presence. As we listen to the old, old story inspire us to share its wisdom as people reborn. Amen.

2018.6.3 Holy One, Creator of Time and Space, our time of Sabbath rest brings us close to you. Speak to us in silence and scripture your words of timeless truth. So may we be moved to help create holy space in our daily lives and the lives of others. Amen.

2018.6.10 Loving God, wounded, isolated, alone even in the company of others we long for connection. Teach us through the words of scripture, we listen for words of connection and covenant. Speak to us of possibility and hope that we may live together in love. Amen.

2018.6.17 God of Truth, troubled by chaos and confusion we come seeking your vision. Open our hearts to hear the good news of grace, the wisdom of your way. Transform our lives that guided by Christ’s example our lives will reflect your light and love. Amen.

2018.6.24 Loving Teacher, Troubled by the world’s uncertainty, we look to you for words of truth and hope. Speak to us through these our forebears in faith that we may be set free to love guided by your teachings of justice and mercy.

2018.7.1 Again we ask, O Jesus, how shall we live? We long to hear your wisdom, born of the Spirit, of your very being in and with God. Teach us how to love, that the world may be blessed by the light of your grace reflected in our lives. Amen.

2018.7.22 Tender Shepherd, We come like sheep, dependent on your guidance, longing to hear your voice. Speak to us a word of reassurance that encouraged by your word we may be strengthened for our daily life and service. Amen.

2018.7.29 God of Peace and Love, we open our hearts to the story of your ways. Teach us the way of truth through the words of our faithful forebears. Then send us out with eager to see where you are at work in the world today. Amen.

2018. 8.5 Holy One, we long to hear the stories of your people and your love and care for them. Speak to us in the ancient words so that we may find hope our life and direction for our actions. Amen.

2018.8.12 Giver of Life, you have hopes and dreams for all your creation. We want to hear them. Speak to us now in old and familiar words that we may discern your desires for us. Inspire our living and growing in community. Amen.

2018.8.19 Listening God, though we’ve heard the words before, like the disciple we still want to know more about how to connect with you. Speak to us in the words we hear today, that our prayer life may be enriched and we may feel your presence more deeply. Amen.

2018.8.26 Still Speaking God, we come hear wanting to connect with you and our neighbors. Open our hearts to hear your truth in the words of people of faith through the ages. Then give us courage to share what we have heard. Amen.

2018.9.2 Gracious God, we come in hopes of hearing affirmation of your works. Speak to us in the words of the sacred texts. Open our ears to hear and our eyes to see the work yet to be done to help enact your vision for the community and all creation. Amen.

2018.9.9 O God of Wisdom, we come into your presence seeking to know your truth. Pour out your grace in the words of the gospel that we may learn your way of peace and justice. Amen.

2018.9.16 Wisdom of the Ages, we come wanting to hear your voice of truth which is too often drowned out by the noise of worldly speech. We are listening, speak to us now. Fill our hearts with a love of your word that we our lives may model your ways and will. Amen.

2018.9.30 Holy God, the words of scripture sometimes comfort us, sometimes surprise us. Help us listen for a new and inspiring word from you that our hearts may understand that you still speak in and through our words and actions today. Amen.

2018.10.7 Creating God, We come to hear and marvel at the story of your imagination made known in our world. Open our hearts as we hear your word and lead and lead us from despair to hope, from death to life so that we may be inspired to share the wonder of your grace. Amen.

2018.10.14 O God of Love, we come to hear your word seeking refreshment for our souls. Pour down your wisdom upon us that we may bring a cup of cool water to your thirsty children who long for justice. Amen

2018.10.21 O God of Love, soften our hearts. Prepare in us fertile ground to receive the stories of your people. Let the truths we have received grow in us and bear fruit for your harvest of justice. Amen.

2018.10.28 Redeeming God, We come today remembering that great cloud of witnesses who have heard your word proclaimed throughout the ages. Open our ears to hear to your voice still speaking to us now that we may faithfully respond to its truth as it is made known in this age. Amen.

2018.11.4 Great Teacher, remembering the saints who have taught us, we want to hear more. Open our minds that your words may inspire us. Stir in us a will to do the work to which you call us that all we do may be touched by your grace. Amen.

2018.11.10 Christ of Compassion, Come to us now and feed our spirits on the truth of your word. In our hearing your call may we be inspired to serve others in your name. Amen.

2018.11.18 Bountiful God, We come longing to hear your blessing for us. Speak to us now as you spoke to faithful souls in days of old. As we hear your word, let our hearts be opened to the essence of your love and your desire for community that this place may reflect and radiate the wonders of your grace for all to see. Amen.