Isolated through recent months of the Covid pandemic, we have experienced the pain that comes with isolation. In coming together once more, we recognize how our actions or failure to act can be sources of pain and estrangement from those God calls beloved. In the sacrament of Holy Communion we are reminded of God’s grace and we recommit our lives to God, renewing the bonds of our commitment to one another. 
Invitation to Communion
Some came alone.
	Some were part of a crowd.
		They were fearful, timid, hopeful, imperfect, 
			and Jesus welcomed them all.
He quieted their fears.
	He healed their infirmities.
		He affirmed their faith.
			He blessed their journey. 
And so, today we come,
	our lives, like theirs, marred by events, 
		some the results of our action or inaction
			and others beyond our control.
We come in trust that in the meal prepared in his memory
	Jesus will touch and heal us just as he blessed them. 
So come. Come everyone. Be fed. Be made whole. 

The Great Thanksgiving
Holy God, Creator of all things, we worship you.
We give thanks that you made this world of incomprehensible beauty.
You created everything and everyone to be in relationship
	with you and with one another.
But we confess that as humans, 
	though longing for unity, we missed the mark, 
		once again bringing chaos to the grand design 
			of your interconnected creation. 

In the fullness of time you sent Jesus into the world
	born of human parents and filled with the divine.
Through his life and ministry 
	he showed us the way of reconciliation.
In his death and resurrection 
	he offered grace and forgiveness.
Living in hope, we come now to his table
	remembering the meal he set before the disciples.  
Institution of the Elements
When he took the bread and cup in his hands 
	he lifted up all the fruits of our labors. 
He blessed the bread saying, 
As this bread is broken and shared, 
	so I give my very self, broken, that you may have life. 
As this cup is poured out and received
	so is my covenant, my promise to you, affirmed for all time. 
Take, eat and drink, that you may find healing for your soul.
Do this in remembrance of me. 
Celebrating the Spirit Among Us 
Holy Spirit, come now. Move among us and bless this food 
	that we may be strengthened for our journey
		and assured of your abiding presence now and always. 
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Holy One, Giver of Life and Love, 
	we come rejoicing for the gift of your presence 
		which we have celebrated in this meal. 
We have been fed by the fruits of earth as food for our souls, 
May the lives of all touched by your grace 
	be gathered as one to proclaim your glory in all the earth.